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Business, Probate, & Real Estate Attorney in Carmel, IN

Calm and poised diplomacy

The big decisions shouldn’t come quickly. When you’re building a business, developing real estate, or preparing your family for when you may no longer be around, you need someone who can take a personal but objective look at your situation.

I'll be straightforward with you

At the Law Office of Curtis J. Butcher, you have an experienced attorney who calmly evaluates your issues and explains your options. The answers may not be what you wanted to hear, but I can help you understand why they’re the best for you. 

Legal Experience to Navigate the Law

My CPA background allows me to understand your bottom line


Curtis J. Butcher

I help Hoosiers establish legacies and protect their interests in matters related to business law, estate planning, probate, real estate, contracts, entity formation, 1031 property exchange, and negotiations.

40 years of practicing law

Everyone wants options when making choices about their assets, family, or business. Each decision carries its own set of consequences. The best decisions are informed decisions. 

As one of the few attorneys with a CPA, my accounting background provides insights that will protect your bottom line as you make choices about your family or business.

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Practice Areas

Consistent legal counsel that Hoosier families and businesses can trust

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Business Law

You need an educated, experienced legal advocate representing you during your business venture, whether it is a merger, acquisition or start of a new partnership.

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Trusts & Wills

Who would know better than you? Without a trust or will, you risk the possibility of a court determining how your assets are divided and who takes care of your children.

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Real Estate Law

If you’re a commercial entity seeking property, we can help with creating thorough offerings and - in some cases - appeal of taxes to help with a smooth transaction.

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1031 Property Exchange

To preserve the equity of your property, a 1031 exchange allows you to defer capital gains taxes. Learn how you can protect your real estate assets through 1031.

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Estate & Probate

Without clear documentation to guide the transfer of assets, such as bank accounts, homes, investments, and jewelry, your loved one’s assets may end up in probate.

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Entity Formation

If you’re forming a business or expanding it, you need to know what formation will benefit you most, especially from the perspectives and taxes and liability.

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Complex Agreements

Documents are key factors in legal protection for everything from individuals to promoting partnerships and establishing agreements with vendors.

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This could accomplish more for your dispute or other matter than taking it to a courtroom for a judge and jury to decide. Negotiation may cost you less and let you keep more.

If you're unsure of what comes next, let's talk about it.

Let’s look at the whole situation

You may want your great grandmother’s ring to end up on your great granddaughter’s finger, but what does your will say? If you haven’t planned through a will or trust, you haven’t prepared to carry out your legacy. Natural laws limit your existence on earth, which subjects the precious assets you’ve accumulated to Indiana state law. 

To protect your assets from a court’s decision, you need to account for everything. The Law Office of Curtis J. Butcher in Carmel, Indiana helps you take a step back and examine the whole picture. Our team will help you plan division of your assets if you die or become incapacitated. We will draft a document that delivers your minor children to the hands of the proper guardian.

Business law and estate planning in Carmel, IN

Chances are good you’re probably too close to anticipate what’s been left out of a will, power of attorney, living trust, or other document designed to protect you, your family, and your business. Let me give you an objective and comprehensive look at what’s important.

The quality of the case matters more to me than the quantity. This means I am selective about the kind of case I take on. Whether you have a business matter in Indianapolis or a real estate issue in Greenwood, I will tell you upfront if it has merit or not. 

I would rather you know the odds beforehand than feel we’ve both wasted our time. You can trust that I'll provide an honest and straightforward service.