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Business Law

You need an educated, experienced legal advocate representing you during your business venture, whether it is a merger, acquisition or start of a new partnership.

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Trusts & Wills

Who would know better than you? Without a trust or will, you risk the possibility of a court determining how your assets are divided and who takes care of your children.

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Real Estate Law

If you’re a commercial entity seeking property, we can help with creating thorough offerings and - in some cases - appeal of taxes to help with a smooth transaction.

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1031 Property Exchange

To preserve the equity of your property, a 1031 exchange allows you to defer capital gains taxes. Learn how you can protect your real estate assets through 1031.

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Estate & Probate

Without clear documentation to guide the transfer of assets, such as bank accounts, homes, investments, and jewelry, your loved one’s assets may end up in probate.

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Entity Formation

If you’re forming a business or expanding it, you need to know what formation will benefit you most, especially from the perspectives and taxes and liability.

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Complex Agreements

Documents are key factors in legal protection for everything from individuals to promoting partnerships and establishing agreements with vendors.

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This could accomplish more for your dispute or other matter than taking it to a courtroom for a judge and jury to decide. Negotiation may cost you less and let you keep more.