The Law Office of Curtis J. Butcher can help you with negotiating a real estate acquisition or finding middle ground for business contracts. He can ensure you not only get a fair deal but that the terms are within the law.

Not all terms are in your best interest

Just because someone has a contract for you does not mean the terms are set in stone. You need to look after your own interests, and it takes a skilled representative to help you negotiate on behalf of your interests. 

  • Real estate negotiation. If you’re a leasing or purchasing a property, it may be you need a certain amount of space, require certain amenities, or have a different number you want to pay in mind. Your needs may not be far off from the other party, and it takes an attorney to bridge the gap. The same goes for sellers and lessors having their interests represented. A few concessions could reap great rewards through an attorney negotiating your deal.

  • Business negotiation. Business depends on making deals. From employee benefits contracts to dealing with government entities, you need an attorney who understands your business and acts in the best interests of your company. Curtis Butcher has helped businesses across the Midwest settle terms that make sense to their bottom lines. He also has assisted with negotiations with the SEC.

Curtis Butcher and his team can help you settle a negotiation that's in line with your best interests as well as state law.

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Why do I need a negotiator?

A good negotiator knows the best decisions aren’t based on one thing but are made while taking everything into account. You may be too close to the situation, and having a lawyer negotiate on your behalf provides an objective view that ensures the terms of your deal aren’t leaving out other important factors you haven’t yet considered. Negotiation requires a keen sense of knowing when to bargain, when to compromise, and when to stand your ground.

Attorney Curtis Butcher has built a reputation as a skilled negotiator. His advice and guidance have proven to be the difference between a binding agreement and a document that won’t hold water under legal scrutiny. 

His negotiation practice includes:

  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Distribution contracts
  • Commercial lease agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Real estate contracts

Curtis Butcher offers solutions at the negotiation table tailored to suit the interests of Indiana clients. His approach helps you avoid the possibility of damaging litigation or breaches of contract.

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Negotiation attorney in Carmel, IN

Don’t take the first deal they offer. Curtis Butcher will work on your behalf to bring the terms of a contract or settlement more in line with your expectations. He applies tact and his understanding of what it means to do business in central Indiana. Set up a free consultation with the Law Office of Curtis J. Butcher today to learn what options he has for you.