Whether you are a business looking to acquire, develop, or put property on the market, there are plenty of pitfalls throughout the process due to the complexity of Indiana real estate laws. You need an experienced real estate lawyer who can provide guidance to help you avoid these costly errors. The Law Office of Curtis J. Butcher has more than 40 years of experience to provide the guidance you need throughout your case.

Land development in Indiana

Developing a property can put you up against a variety of legal processes. You need to have a master plan in place before you begin the zoning application process. You need to designate the type of zoning that is needed, such as floating, overlay, performance, or mixed-use:

  • Floating zones. These are not mapped out but are considered to “float” until a development application has been approved. These are handy tools for planning future land uses.
  • Overlay zones. These are applied over established zoning districts. Overlay zoning can protect historic buildings, wetlands, and special features of a community. It may also be applied to waterfront developments, housing near transit corridors, and affordable housing.
  • Mixed-use zones. This provides developers some flexibility when it comes to integration within a district. It could be applied to properties involving a mix of commercial and residential needs integrated into one building or area.
  • Performance zones. This zoning district option provides some flexibility. Rather than restricting the specific use of the property, performance zoning districts have set standards that must be met.

If you’re putting it in writing, you better get someone who understands the language. Let’s face it: legal documents are not written for the layman. The structure of the language must be exact and a comprehensive representation of your real estate goals. 

You may need an attorney to help you go over documents such as purchase and sales agreements, commercial leasing agreements, construction bids, and construction contracts.

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An attorney who understands the complexities of real estate

Real estate attorney Curtis Butcher has helped clients across the Midwest achieve their real estate goals. The Law Office of Curtis J. Butcher handles an array of real estate matters such as:

  • Development law
  • Negotiating leases
  • Construction law
  • Easement or property rights

The Law Office of Curtis J. Butcher in Carmel, Indiana will give you the time and personal attention that you and your case need. Attorney Curtis Butcher is available to answer any questions you may have regarding your real estate proceedings.

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If you’re looking to develop a property or need help with another issue related to real estate, depend on Curtis J. Butcher’s more than 40 years of helping Hoosiers achieve their goals. He cuts through the legal jargon for individuals and businesses and guides them throughout the process. Set up a free consultation with Curtis at his Carmel, Indiana law office to explore your real estate options.